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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Ten Fathom Resort and Spa

The arrival location for the Ten Fathom Resort and Spa

The closing of Rivet Town later this month has created a diaspora of Steampunk denizens who have begun their migration to other part of Second Life. Some returned to their original sims (including a few to New Babbage), and other wander SL seeking new homes, but there are a few who have struck out on their own to create their own Steampunk corner of Second Life. Ten Fathom Spa and Resort is the result of one such endeavor.
The first place one see after leaving the lift from the surface
Ten Fathom is an interesting build, as it is a destination location (hence the spa and resort aspect) with an extensive underwater presence (including rentals for long term residents), a dedicated location for entertainment (the Fathom Princess), and is integrating a dedicated role playing aspect to its character.
Inside one of Ten Fathoms Chinese/Victorian influenced rental apartments
Upon arrival at its landing point, there is a unique Chinoiserie flavor, one which is conveyed throughout the build. Taking the lift down to the main resort area, the first place one arrives at is the central meeting area, complete with a dining options , a multi-selection bar, and ubiquitous throughout the build, a map of where one is in relation to the layout.
The Spa while empty – a fairly rare event!
The main section is a spa area, for rest and relaxation, the main focus of the Ten Fathom. As it was occupied during my photo-excursion, I only have a single photo of it, but it does appear to be quite unique especially for Steampunk and Neo-Victorian sims.
Navigating the tubes of Ten Fathom – made easier with its unique lighting
The byways of Ten Fathom uses a blue-ish tint to provide the necessary lighting to manage through its hallways, though one can see the Victorian decorative features underlying it, along with the brass grating.
Shopping opportunities abound in Ten Fathom’s mercantile section
There are a number of store in Ten Fathom, including Largos Workshop (a variety of Steampunk selections), Fathoms Fashions (ladies attire), and Mr. Ven Carendows, Ten Fathoms Artist in Residence, who is currently hosting a showing of Western art that was originally painted on glass, using a technique originally devised in France during the late 1800s.
Topside – a view of the Fathom Princess
Returning topside, the Fathom Princess is a era-designed paddle boat, used for parties and gatherings. Its three decks provide ample space, and its second deck is a dedicated dance area, with plenty of options for entertainment. Currently, the events include:
A gathering at the Bath House on Saturday the 21st (7-9 pm, SLT)
A Ribs and Julep Social on Thursday the 26th (4-6 pm, SLT), and
An OOC dance next Saturday, the 28th (4-6 pm SLT) on the Fathom Princess.
A second view of the Princess’ deck
If one desires further information on Ten Fathom, to see its upcoming events or read its own periodical, the Fathom Free Press, at is arrival point is its periodical delivery device, dispensing its latest issue upon command.

The easiest place to obtain updates of Ten Fathoms’ events – The Fathom Free Press!

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