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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clock of the Long Now…

When one thinks of Steampunk, gear and cogs automatically come to mind… however, finding something that  uses gears and cogs for an exceptional purpose is most certainly a plus.  This clock, the Clock of the Long Now, located in deep in a mountain in western Texas, has been built with an unique goal in mind – to keep time for 10 millenia!  The associated group who monitor the piece certain represent the ultimate clock-winders – though I can’t really see the individuals doing more than one winding during their lifetime (lol).  Nonetheless, it is an insightful technical article, and most certainly worth a read!  Consider doing so, at: 
… and a bit more at:

[Ed. Note – This article was forwarded by my good friend and fellow Steampunk explorer, Ms. Fogwoman Gray Volare, who has expanded her interests from Second Life and is now a menace to the metaverse at large!]

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