weekend events 23 24 january 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Events: 23-24 January, 2010

This weekend is the cumulation of Founder’s Week in New Babbage, with two of its favorite and outstanding events, the Airship Regatta and the Founder’s Day Ball.  In addition to these two event, there is yet more going on in the Steamlands, so lets begin with…
The Second Annual Airship Regatta will take place on the 23rd of January, beginning at 2pm, SLT.  There are two classes of ships competing (Realistic and Racing), but if last year’s success is any indication for this year’s event, it should be outstanding!  For more information, please turn to: http://newbabbage.ning.com/events/second-annual-airship-regatta

The Founder’s Day Black and White Ball is perhaps one of the highlights of the Steamlands social calender, celebrating the establishment of the City-State of New Babbage.  The build contest will encompass both the best aero build and aero-accessory, along with the New Babbage Architectural Photo contest.  As always, Formal dress is encouraged, and for more information, please turn to: http://newbabbage.ning.com/events/the-second-annual-founders-day

After an evening of music and dance, perhaps an Ironclad battle is what one may need for a nightcap!  If so, then do consider visiting Steeltopia for its weekly Battle Storm combat events.  For more information, please turn to: http://steeltopiaempire.ning.com/profiles/blogs/battle-storm-saturdays

“Armada Rises Display”, by Miss Lillian Shippe

Sunday is “Blood and Rum Running” Day at the Armada sim, with not just Ironclad combat, but TCS airship combat.  If you need more competition, do pay a visit, as they start at 3pm SLT!  For more information, please turn to: http://armada.ning.com/events/blood-and-rum-running-in

To finish the Steamland weekend events, The Champagne Rooms will host Josh (from the Vernian Process) for their ongoing Music Appreciation series, starting at 8pm SLT.  To learn more about this unique event, please turn to: http://newbabbage.ning.com/events/music-appreciation-with-joshua

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