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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RL Steampunk: Steampunk Inspiration

A cacophony of items for RL Steampunk interior decor…

As I learned from the Steampunk Home, a longitudinal blog titled “More Ways to Waste Time” wrote an extensive piece on Steampunk interior design, titled “Inspiration: Steampunk Style”. Beyond the traditional review of typical sources, Miss Hennen extrapolates many of the inspirational characteristics intristic to Steampunk design, beyond simple items.

Written mostly as an introductory piece, the only fault I can see with the work is the “jaw-dropping” prices of some of the items. True, the examples displyed do represent idealistic replicas of the genre, but were I “brand new” to Steampunk, I would rather think that one would have to be a proto-typical millionaire to afford the accouterments and furniture. However, finding alternatives that fit within the style (ideally at a lower price) are key to the true Steampunk Designer (imo).

Regardless, her article is excellent, full of photos representing the style of Steampunk, and I do laud her work as an outstanding example of RL examples of Steampunk – kudos, madam! To read this bit of… inspiration, please turn to:


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