departure of retrostajcia otherwise

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The departure of Retrostajcia, otherwise known as Steampunkopedia…

When I started my blog, “ages ago”, one of my first inspirations was the Polish website known as “Retrostacja”, or to those non-Polish speakers as “Steampunkopedia”.  Over the years it existed as a central repository of Steampunk information and documentation, and it became apparent that I was long overdue in blogging about it.  Alas, when I attempted to visit it, I discovered the site was gone.

Apparently due to circumstances occurring at the Great Steampunk Debate, I perceive that Mr. Piechur has made the difficult choice to suspend the website.  Personally, I only lurk at the debate, a conscious choice after past experience of how controversial some discussions can evolve/devolve on discussion boards.  Even so, the absence of this outstanding website is a loss to the overall Steampunk community, as it was the oldest (and perhaps most complete) resource for the genre.  Fair winds and following seas, sir!



Im appalled. I loved Steampunkopedia. I visited the site last Saturday and everything was fine.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

I was able to do a bit of digging, and it appears that the gentleman who was ran Steampunkopedia was a bit of a tasking for the moderators of the Great Steampunk Debate (e.g. he seemed to be quite confrontational, based on the moderators discussions). As such, even if Mr. Piechur decided to end his participation in the event, to remove his site seems spiteful. As Ive said before, it was an outstanding resource and will be missed.

Waterbug Guy

I dont think Steampunkopedia was removed for spite. Piechur has been watching the meaning of steampunk change completely over the past few years. Thats a really hard thing to watch for someone into steampunk. My impression was he was just letting an old friend go and moving on with his life. Or at least he is trying to move on.

However, I would say people using terms like "spiteful" didnt exactly make Piechur want to continue supporting the site either.