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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Steampunk Travelogue: Vernian Sea Docks… and more

Vernian Sea Docks at night, under an evening sky

I took a few moments from “product development” to enjoy a constitutional, as my eyes were beginning to become crossed. To enjoy a bit of fresh sea air, I decided to visit the Vernian Sea or more specifically, its dock / marketplace. I had visited it early upon its establishment, when there was nary a ship in the water. After taking a break from running the shop, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of ships (and stores) moored there.

Mr. Gideon Biederman has a substantial lot with an unnamed store containing a number of useful and interesting items, including attire and equipment for the working man (person), such as a suspender with tools, workers overalls, and a steam-powered shotgun nice!

The Steampunk Trading Company has an outpost at the top of the dock. Its owner, Pumpkin Tripsa, owner of the Quarry (also in Port Babbage) has a very nice metallic propeller on display, and Im looking forward to more on display as they become available.

Gaslight Imports also has a slip, and seems to be unloading its wares at the moment. Mr. Vincent Shepherd (also the proprietor of Gaslights Emporium) has a couple of Japanese dolls unloaded at the moment, but I assume the bulk of the goods are already at the Gaslights Emporium Main Store (again, in Port Babbage).

I was under the impression there were a few more ships, but I suppose it would be safe to say they are out to sea for the time being I look forward to their return to see what goods the bring back!

Then I decided to visit the small light house at the end of the dock… which houses the elevator that leads down to the bottom of the sea…

Going down….

I was impressed with the depth (figuratively and literally) of the tube system, from the initial arrival to the beauty of the stroll I was enjoying in it.

Bottom floor – all hands out (lol)!

Proceeding along the tubes – enjoying the undersea vista

I happened upon Miss Natacha Chernov, who was also exploring the bottom of the sea. After imposing on her time, she escaped my monologue, so I was resigned to seeing where my future path lay.

Taking a breather (and no, I wasn’t lost, tyvm – just analyzing my position)

Jellyfish in their natural habitat

There is a multitude of sealife in the Vernian Sea, and I took a moment to enjoy a cup of tea, while enjoying the beauty of (sl) nature pass me by.

Continuing my stroll…

I kept on exploring, when my nemesis (RL) reared its ugly head, and forced me to depart my adventure. I hope to continue my explorations of this unique build in the proverbial “back yard” in the future, but I do recommend it for anyone who wishes to experience a unique atmosphere in SL.