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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Difference Engine Event, coming to Ft Worth, TX, next month!

Commodore Charles Babbage, Inventor of the Difference Engine
(History’s first computer!)

(Received this upcoming event from Mr. Del Mar, so I did wish to post it as soon as possible….)

On June 4th in north Central Fort Worth, the Difference Engine will immerse you in the creative world of the retro-futuristic imagination.  This experience, called Steampunk, is a blending of science fiction and old world charm, elegance, and adventure from the 19th century. This will be the first ever fully interactive and all Steampunk Murder Mystery Theatre event!  From 11 am through 10:30 pm one act of the murder mystery play will be presented about every 2 1/2 hours!  In between acts of the play, you will be entertained by performers offering music, comedy, and dance.

Vice Admiral Radha Narasimhan, 
Commander of the “Defense Forces” of the Difference Engine Summit

For your enjoyment we have also planned panels on a variety of topics related to Steampunk, a large vendors area, gaming room, photography in Steampunk Attire, and a Steampunk Fashion show voted on by the attendees.  After the final act of the play, there will also be a short formal waltz and then a much longer Darkwave dance!  This is indeed a lot of entertainment for the paltry sum of $20.00  Whether you are new to Steampunk or a lifestyler you will be entertained.  For more information go to the official website at:  http://www.the-difference-engine.info/

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