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Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Babbage Expansion… and more!

A view of the “New Sim” of New Babbage (I’ll be quite glad when it has a name!)

As first mentioned in the New Babbage Ning (and A Stroll Through Caledon), New Babbage is expanding with its 7th sim, which is as yet unnamed. I popped in to see the current state of land acquisition, and not only was I surprised with the new “footprint” of the sim, but at another details regarding the overall map.

New Industry and Rails are a pervasive them in the new sim’s expansion

From the image above, all but three locations on the “East side” of the sim are rented, and with the “bonus 20%” of prims added to each plot, I’m certain that they will be “gobbled up” soon. The northern part of the sim appears to by purchased by Mr. T. Zanzibar, apparently with a major project in mind. The other two “new” residents are Miss Riel, who has acquired three spots on the west side of the sim, and center-southern portion of the sim was acquired by Mr. M. Pinion, who has returned from his stay in Rivet Town. This leaves only three lots left – quite a good run for only a few days on the market!

The projected layout of the “Old Quarter”

One aspect that had previously taxed me with previous versions of the map was the lack of information regarding future expansion. Fortunately, current management has filled some of those voids, and laid out (abet very tentatively) what may be in store for the future of New Babbage. The above image would be the “Old Quarter”, being north of Port Babbage, and west of the Palisades. Additionally, due east of the Palisades would be the long awaited “Brunel Heights”, and “upscale residential” area, long the lines of Nob Hill (in San Francisco).

All this being said, the future of New Babbage is being engineered quite smartly, and the first “100 days’ of Mayor Tenk seem to be progressing along quite nicely! For further details, please turn to:


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Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle

The new sim has a name Dr. Fabre – it will be called “New Babbage”.

Original huh?