rl media heliograph on g4tv

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RL Media: The Heliograph on G4TV!

On the 23rd of September, G4TV’s “Attack of the Show” had a small piece of Steampunk blogs, and to my surprise, the Heliograph was mentioned on it! Please don’t me mislead – its only about 10 to 15 seconds at the beginning of the piece, but I am quite flattered at the mention. To paraphrase Mr. Warhol, I guess this is my 15 second of fame! Thanks to all who visit this small corner of the internet!


Breezy Carver

I beg Your Pardon Dear Dr. Fabre but Your piece was 98 seconds of 2.28 mins..clip Add to that The First Blog he mentions and mentions you yet again at the end .. ((grins)) that averages out to be far more then 10 to 15 seconds Sir .. Sorry to nudge your Modest steamy Gentleman Celebrity Geek Self Sir .. But Please know YOU and YOUR beloved Heliogrph are quite Special to so many if us Sir ..
Kudos Rafael
Well Done Sir !!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Miss Carver – Thank you, madam!