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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The entire Grand Tour… and a little bit of Passionate Tango!

While I was busy twisting prims to perfect my abode in New Babbage, I received a ticket to perhaps the most outstanding event this Winter season in Victorian & Steampunk Second Life – a 1st Class ticket to the Grand Tour!

Taking a moment to sit and read its itinerary a bit, I was quite impressed at the extensiveness of its breadth. Since its early days, I had hoped to see the wide variety of Neo-Victorian sims work together and form at lease a somewhat cohesive psudo-entity. Through the endeavors of a tireless core of dedicated individuals, the Grand Tour appears to be growing exponentially.

Starting Saturday morning and ending Sunday evening, the Grand Tour will visit…

Saturday, 14 Feb…

0830 am – Alpine Meadow Ski Party (Neufreistadt)
1000 am – Wind in the Willows Party (Caledon Tanglewood)
1100 am – Tiny Day Ball (Caledon Tanglewood)
1200 pm – Offering to Aphrodite / Inaugral Ball (Confederation of Democratic Sims)
1330 pm – Sweetheart’s Ball @ the Grand Pavalion (Oneiros)
1430 pm – Equestrian Trek (Artis Natur)
1530 pm – Love’s Blossom Ball (Fatima)
1700 pm – Giverny Grand Opening (Giverny)
1830 pm – A Valentine to Remember Ball (New Babbage / Wheatstone Waterways)
2100 pm – “Jazz for Lovers” Dance (New Toulouse)
2200 pm – Cold Fusion (Steeltopia Power Plant)


1000 am – Alpine Meadow Monastery Tour (Alpine Meadow)
1100 am – Grand Ball, dedicated to Venus (Roma)
1200 pm – Raglanshire Valentines (Raglan Shire)
1330 pm – Valentine Blues with Clair Drival (Nantucket)
1500 pm – “Welcome to Edison” Dance (Edison)
1600 pm – Dance in Penzance (Caledon Penzance)
1730 pm – Gaslight Elegance Formal Ball (Steelhead City)
1900 pm – Love Stinks Party: A Post-Valentines Day Party (Port Harbor)

(all times SLT)

At the risk of rehashing the entire listing of the events, I will kindly direct yourself (the reader) to Prim Perfect’s extensive listing of the event, found at:


One event, which isn’t on the list, is at Metaversal’s main local, which is the grand presentation of the most passionate dance of all, the Tango! Miss Maar Auer’s latest creation is an impressive work, and will be presented to the public today, at 12PM SLT. For more details on the “Tango Pasion” release, please turn to:


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