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Monday, January 14, 2008

More on changes to the blog…

(Port Babbage) – As you may have noticed, there are a few changes to the (ex-) Voyages of a Steampunk Physician. A while back, while engaged in discussion with a new arrival to Victoria City, I mentioned the blog to the fellow as a means of reading a bit more on Steampunk and links to other SL Victorian & Steampunk bloggers. His first comment was along the lines of “Sir, a peculiar name, wouldn’t you say?” I must admit, it did trouble me as it is (was) a peculiar name for a blog, but as with other things, I let the thougth reced to the back of my noggin.
With the new year, and a small improvement with Photoshop, I decided to make some changes to a variety of things connected to the blog…
1) The name – The Heliograph – is quick to say and remember, and has a certain uniqueness to it (although many RL organizations use this title for their purposes). However, I did find the name to my suiting, and therefore decided to use it.
(Note: A heliograph was essentially a pair of mirrors used to communicate using light flashes in morse code. With the growth of telegraph lines, this technology became outdated, its last major use being during the campaign against Sancho Panza by the US Army.)

2) Flags – I fancy myself as a bit of an amatuer vexicologist, and as such, wanted to design a simple and sleek (and unofficial) flag for New Babbage. Upon hearing that the current flag may be changes, I toyed with a few designs, and settled on this on. It is available (for free) at the Quarterdeck, beside the Caledon & Antiquity flags.
3) New Layout – The old layout was thin and constraining, so I sought a larger layout, which was easier to read. The current layout is not as Victorian as the previous one, but does have a maritime theme, and is wider, so I settled on it.
4) Updates and readjusting – I have added to the links for blogs, but after reading the Baronian Notations, and the associated listing of blogs ( ), I realize that his efforts are much more dilligent than mine, so will defer to his tireless efforts in maintaining the listings. As for the format of the Heliograph, I have readjust some items, and will continue to update it as necessary.

I expect to tweak the current blog a bit more, but am confident that the bulk of the changes are completed.

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