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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Historical Media: Living History Worldwide

Brook Rife Gun Crew, Port Columbus (by Mr. Bruce Smith)
Yesterday, the CNN iReport had an intriguing article titled “Living in a Time Warp”, which covered persons involved in historical re-enactment in real life.  Written for the genreal public, it does longitudinally mention Steampunk.  However, I would say the best part of the article lies with a brief mention in the body of the article…

My eye caught an address to “Living History Worldwide”, a historical re-enactment forum, with a wealth of information regarding said topic.  While I am not a re-enactor, taking the time to read the differing sub-groups (differentiated by historical groups, such as the “French and Indian War”, “Soldiers of the Queen”, and the new and quickly growing “Steampunk” groups) provides insight to the nuances of the era in question.

“Mark and Dawn” (by Mr. Mark Bagley)
One has to be approved to join the group (which is a cursory review – after all, they allowed me membership), but I’m currenlty reading the depth of its articles, and would certainly recommend an eye to it, if one seeks inspiration!  To visit Living History Worldwide, please visit it, at: