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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The current list for the contest…

Thought it would be a good idea to post the most current listing of individuals listed in the contest.  If by chance your name is not listed, please feel free to drop by the Steampunk Tribune’s Facebook Page.  Please do leave a message to ensure you are placed on the list – and my apologies to any individual who’s name I may have misspelled!
1. Mr. A. Ash
2. Ms. B. Urbik
3. Ms. L. Katz
4. Ms. M. Discovolante
5. Ms. R. D. Brown
6. Ms. K. Plante
7. Mr. C. Sheets
8. Ms. G. Fisher
9. Mr. C. O’Brien
10. Ms. J. Osborne
11. Mr. S. Crawford
12. Ms. J. Conrad
13. Ms. C. Bringuel
14. Mr. S. Violette
15. Ms. A. Preston
16. Mr. S. Boucher
17. J. VandenToon Keeney
18. Ms. S. Charter
19. Duke Edward Pearse
20. Mr. S. Crawford
21. Ms. J. F. Jones
22. Charlie Tunja
23. Mr. C. Ahrendt
24. Ms. K. Hoppe
25. Mr. E. Jones
26. Ms. L. Moran
27. Ms. T. Dawicki 
28. Ms. Lois2037

Still plenty of space left, but the list of entries closes tomorrow evening!



Im on the FB page, as Lois Buhalis, right in between Ms G. Fisher and Mr. C. OBrien, yet Im not on the list here. Hope Im included in the contest!


@ Ms. Lois2037 – My apologies, and you are on the list, madam!


Can I be added? Mr. M. Madera


not sure if my last post uploaded. Please add me to the contest… Mr. Masterless Madera