finally build is done now hard part

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finally! The build is done… now the hard part…

A view from Topside, overlooking the Port
(Port Babbage) The wait for a replacement is over and the store is up! My endeavor, the Quarterdeck, is located on lot #9, in Port Babbage. It shouldn’t be hard to locate, as it has a number of swirling amber semi-spheres on it including the top, with a psudo-aquatic look to the lighting.
Miss Yolanda Hirvi, hardworking builder of the Quarterdeck
Built by Miss Yolanda Hirvi, New Babbage resident and proprietor of Oblonski (a fine Victorian furniture shop), she generously accepted my offer to build “an edifice”, as I was enjoy a lacksidasical lounge on her Vernian desk/chair combo (with a pose that allows the av to “kick his/her feet up” on the desk)! My first plans were a bit outrageous, but with a little discussion, she helped me reach a buildable design.
After a mere two days, she had completed the new building, which left me with the challenging task of making a business out of it (lol)! After consideration, I decided to attempt to alleviate two things that have bother me in SL, and revisit one goal.
First deck – a bit sparse at the moment, but I some projects in the works…
First, a central repository for Victorian Nautical items in SL. I enjoy sailing and nautical items, but it was a challenge to either have to visit Slexchange/OnRez to obtain them (cutting into SL time lol), or going to disparate locations to obtain the items I wished. To address this, I have the honor of having Mr. Murikamis fantastic Ironclads in the store, along with a Angus Ceawlins nautical supplies. Commodore Sin Trenton has accepted my offer of wall space in the Quarterdeck, so more people will be able to enjoy his canal runners and Im currently in negations with other nautical purveyors.
Second Deck – for future expansion, but in the mean time, I’ll be housing artwork there, starting with a retrospective of C.M. Coolidge – the gentleman who painted the men’s classic… “Dogs Playing Poker”
Second, high prices for basic items. I despise it when I see a piece of artwork or a simple upload being sold (for what I consider unreasonable) amount of money. As such, I have identified a number of items that I will sell at (or below) the current market prices. Starting with flags. It is obscene that they are sold for up to L$ 100 for a simple flag. Therefore I have constructed the “Ensign Pack” a selected country national (or regional) flag, its Naval Ensign, the national flag mounted on a pole (that sounds a bit ominous), and other related nautical flag textures as I find them, for no more than L$ 20 or the cost of uploading the flags. I wont get rich off these items, but it is the principal that matters. (As a vexicologist, it is also a pleasure lol)!
Third Deck – The Reform Club – A meeting place for any adventurer or bon vivant who simply wishes to relax while in Port Babbage.
My goal a communal meeting place. When I lived in Antiquity Harbor, in its bell tower, the top floor was a meeting place for myself or strangers who just wanted to over look the seaways, relax, and chat. So I have begun New Babbages Reform Club (yes, like Vernes “80 days around the world”) on the 3rd deck (“floor” to landlubbers, tyvm). Big cushy chairs, Whisky from America, Tea from India, cigars, music just a place to relax. In time, I hope to obtain nice quality photos of Nautical SL individuals, and have the adorning the wall of the club (Mr. Dagger.)!
Topside – Relaxing on one of the deck chairs by a pot of hot coffee, with an “amber sphere” behind me, and the (temporarily named) Aero-Club just aft of it.

If one lands on the top deck, using the “amber sphere” as a landing light, there are deck chairs and coffee awaiting those who wish to relax and enjoy the view of Port Babbage. Additionally, the (as yet to be officially named”) aero-club, in the small building towards the north, will be dedicated to the adventures of the aero-nauts and pilots of Victorian SL. Im currently in discussions with Miss Connolly on further details regarding it.
Well, enough of my monologue! If you are seeking Victorian nautical item, please stop by, as Ill be adding more in the coming months. If you simply wish to look around, visit the club, or just lollygag, there is always a “comfortable” chair and hearty beverage waiting for you at the Quarterdeck!


Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor Fabre,

You have a handsome build indeed. I should send you a small contribution to your vexillogical collection – a wall-mount for a medium-sized flag, priced modestly at L$5 (not that I have a shop).

I look forward to visiting to see the ‘amber spheres’ in person.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Baron Wulfenbach – It would be an honor to have your standard at the Quarterdeck. We should arrange a time to ensure we can arrange it.
Dr. Fabre

Poopdeck Halfpint

It wuz nicek meeking yas, misker dokker.
And tanks fer tellerin me wares ya keepses da fansky ‘Mericcan wiskikky. I tinks I’s gonner sit in oner dem big ledder chairs agin on yer uppser deck an has sum moar. They’s lotsk moar comfibble dan da wooding chairs ats Misk Spaghetti’s place. (an she doesink lemme get near her branny)
I foun sum good terbacky inna cabineck at Misker Monondran’s placek if’n ya wans sum.
An tells dat lady wot helpked bilded yer place dat she is got purdy hair.

Eladrienne Laval

I am sure that the Connolly Crazies and the members of the Caledon Aethernautical Society would love to visit your new lounges. I personally can not wait to come see. Wonderful!

Baron K. Wulfenbach

Incidentally, Herr Doktor,

I have been instructed by two of the fierce Caledonian women to pass along this game. I have seen them fight, I really do not want the trouble of counteracting their commands. You, therefore, are tagged.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke

Consider yourself tagged again. 🙂


oops, you already have been tagged, well, now you are tagged twice!! :-))

Artesia Beaumont

Tagged yet again! lol!

Btw, your place is lovely honey. Madame Hirvi did a wonderful job on your building (applause to her).

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Young Mr. Halfpint – always a pleasure, young man!
@ Miss Laval – I look forward to the visits from the society and yourself, madam.
@ The plethora of taggers – *ugh!* Well, I shall endevor to address the obligation this weekend (lol)!
@ Miss Beaumont – Ty for the kind compliment. Miss Hirvi did do a fantastic job on the Quarterdeck.

Skusting Dagger

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Skusting Dagger

It would be a great pleasure to provide you with some portraits of some of SL’s nautical luminaries.
It is simply a matter of tracking them down and convincing them to come in for a sitting (or standing as the case may be).
I will send you a telegram in-world as to how our portrait program at Dagger & Swindlehurst works, and we shall make any further arrangements from there.
First and foremost on my camera lens’s hit list would be Admiral Vella!
(would that I could have edited this the first time around, I would have)


Hi doctor fabre. I just wanted to quote an information you gave. May i know from which university you got your phd? thanks