future metropolis of 1894

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The “Future Metropolis” of 1894

External view of a part of the Future Metropolis

As I was scouring IO9 today, their editors desk had a fascinating article on a “future metropolis” designed by a futurist (and better known as a razor manufacturer), King Camp Gillette.  Aside from being a clever marketer, King Camp Gillette had detailed plans for a “…porcelain city with hexagonal sidewalks” in northern New York (on the waterfront of Lake Ontario), from what I can see.

Detail of a room in Gillette’s city

In his book, The Human Drift, he explains that the city would be built on top of Niagra Falls, and its water-powered electrical grid would have been designed by the honorable Nikoli Tesla.  The article and its accompanying illustrations are fascination, so I would certainly recommend a quick trip to IO9 for the details, or if even more curious, one can view an online copy of the Human Drift.

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