gatehouse gazette issue 12 is on stands

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Gatehouse Gazette, Issue 12, is on the stands!

As part of the Great Steampunk Debate, issue 12 of the Gatehouse Gazette is dedicated to Steampunk Ideology, in its many forms and ideations.  Being that the topic of Steampunk in politics as emerged as quite polarizing in the overall community, with some insisting that it is an essential part of the genre, while others feel that the imposition of any type of modern political philosophy or thought is an unnecessary imposition and disingenuous attempt to hijack an enjoyable experience (you can probably ascertain my leanings on this topic).

Still, the Gatehouse Gazette has tackled another challenging topic, including inviting numerous individuals to provide op-ed pieces to the newest edition (though I have to question his choices, after seeing the person he tapped for page six of the editorials)!

To read the latest issue, please turn to:

To jump into the brier thicket known as the “Great Steampunk Debate”, please visit:
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