girl geniuss future plans are released

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Girl Genius’s future plans are released!

Girl Genius, the exceptionally popular and Hugo nominated Gaslamp comic series by Mr. and Mrs. Foglio, has let word pass they Girl Genius will expand into a number of additional mediums in the near future, including Tor graphic novels, prose novels, audio books, the GG Facebook presence, and even serialized in overseas comic magazines.  There is additional mention in an article from Comic Book Resources that a Facebook game based on Girl Genius will be released at some time in the future.  For further details about the CBP news release, please visit it here.  Additionally, for more insight into Girl Genius, CBP did an interview with Mr. Foglio, which can be found here.  Finally, to get a glimspe of the latest online issue of Girl Genius, do visit their website at:


Fogwoman Gray

Can a Girl Genius movie be far behind?

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Im certainly hoping not! Perhaps a CGI, but if it were to follow the first book, it would most certainly do well!