above overcast by escape clouds

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

“Above the Overcast”, by Escape the Clouds

I’m always on the hunt for exceptional Steampunk music, so when I found Escape the Clouds, I was quite over the moon about it!  Mr. Rossmore’s great instrumental from his album Circumnavigator, is not only an outstanding track, but his visuals of his production are exquisite!  Additionally, his website is fantastically developed, with an absorbing journal, artist background, stunning wallpapers, and so much more!  Frankly, his talent, presentation, and overall production is a high bar to match, and such, I’ll be returning momentarily to finish reading his blog!  To visit his virtual dry-dock, please turn to: http://www.escapetheclouds.com/index.cfm?site=1


Breezy Carver

Just Wonderful !!!!
His Sagas are fabulous !!

Wicked Penguin

Thank you so much for the kind words. 🙂 Youve got a great blog here and I certainly appreciate the mention.

Just as an update, Im planning to have a brand new album out this summer (if all goes to plan). Keep an eye out for it!

Take care,

Mark Rossmore
Escape the Clouds