grand opening of neovictoria

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Grand Opening of NeoVictoria

After a good amount of planning and elbow grease, NeoVictoria, the newest Steampunk sim in Second Life, is set to open tomorrow!  Running from September 1st to the 3rd, it is an excellent opportunity to experience the latest Steampunk destination and what it has to offer.

NeoVictoria is unique in the Steamlands insofar that it has a strong machima focus – while there is role-playing, filming and producing these events into machima is a key aspect of the sim.  Fortunately,  Miss Asil Ares and her associates are well versed in the design and production of these works.  They have two sims, designed for supplying and production of in-world works.

Though NeoVictoria was covered a bit earlier in the Steampunk Tribune (back in July), I would certainly recommend a visit to their main center, a very well designed and extensive Ning site, located at: .  Additionally, an extensive press release of the NeoVictoria background, development,  machima theory, and further useful sites are located at the House of Asil (

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