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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Steampunk Media: Will the “Wizard of Oz” remake come the screen soon?

The LA Times reports that Warner Brothers is looking to find a franchise to replace the soon-to-end Harry Potter series and they may take a page of cinetomatographic history to do it.  After seeing the huge opening of the remake of Alice (the $210 opening weekend take), the studio is seriously considering taking the classic Wizard of Oz and remaking into a major release (in 3D, of course).

The trailer to the Wizard of Oz – a classic!

There was a re-make (of sorts) of the Wizard of Oz, titled “Return to Oz”.  Unfortunately, its tenor was a bit too frightening for children – I attended one of the pre-screenings of this version, and will confirm that for a children’s movie, it had numerous special effect flaws which would render it much to frightening to children.  Apparently, the movie was toned down after the trial showing, but was still considered to be to much for the “munchnkins” in the audience.

The trailer from the “Return to Oz” – not such a classic.

With a bit of luck, a remake will also include a good dose of Steampunk along with it.  Until more information is released, there is always hope for yet one more modernized classic!

For further information regarding a new Wizard of Oz movie, please turn to the LA times piece, at :

… and a bit more from, at :

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