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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Victorian Travelogue: Victoriana

Downtown Victoriana in the afternoon

Bit of a stressful time in RL & SL, so I decided to return to a location that I happened to find a couple weeks back, and was later written about briefly by Duke Pearse while accompanying the Duchess of Argylle in a new and quite impressive Neo-Victorian sim.

Facing east (I believe), towards the residential district

That sim is Victoriana, a relaxing locale that quite successfully intergrates the turn of the century atmosphere with a number of unique aspects making it an enjoyable location to visit (or stay, depending on the circumstances).

A relaxing fountain just outside Grand Central Station

As with many sims, one arrives at a tp point, and in Victoriana Square (the central sim of Victoriana), you land in its Grand Central Station. Although the numerous Christmas gifts are long gone (Mr. Lindsay is Australian, so it was the appropriate time for him and quite fun personally, as it is quite warm where Im at in RL), the layout is quite convenient, with a board of tp locations to merchants, a SLexchange machine nearby, and a regular train that will take you to the reaches of the sim (every 30 seconds, if Im correct quite enjoyabe to ride!)

The Welcome area in the main train station, with TPs to merchants, Tiny Victoriana, and an SL exchange machine, among other items.

The layout is quite easy to navigate, with merchants concentrated in the city proper, and the numerous homes surrounding its “downtown”. Checked on the prices, and they do appear competitive with the standard (after the great linden land de-evaluation), and I do believe that there are a few spots left. (In the Grand Central Station, there is a projected growth plan for the sim, including extensions of the train lines).

Entrance to Tiny Victoriana, enclave to the dinumitive denizens of the sim

Another unique feature is the “Tiny Victoriana”. Not exactly my “cup of tea”, so to speak, but it is the first dedicated location for tinies (that I am aware of). I do know this particular genre is popular in Caldedon, but Im not sure if there is a “dedicated” place for them (again, not something I deal with much). However, if one enjoys tinies, “Tiny Victoriana” (in Victoriana Square) merits a visit.

A view inside the Golden Harp, a watering hole in the city proper

Having trains that run on time is always a good thing, and the two train lines in Victoriana run frequently. Rode one until the end of its line (where I was encouraged to disembark ride the “Great Northern Rail”, and youll understand). Also, free coach rides are available just outside the Grand Central Station, providing a tour of the sim.

Waiting for the train to visit the other side of the sim

Finally, the small inlet is a relaxing location to simply get away, watch the ducks swim, and just address business at one leisure. Been doing this a bit more lately mostly for RL. Quite a nice place watch out for the seagulls!

Posing on the dock of a picturesque pond

Ive included a SLurl to Victoriana, and a link to its website. I realize that this location isnt “Steampunk”, but it is (Neo) Victorian, well within the genre. Do pay it a visit it is a classically built Victorian sim, a worthwhile stop for any Neo-Victorian or Steampunk individual.

I have my eye on you Mr. Seagull – no “accidents” like last time, thank you very much!

To visit Victoriana, please turn to:

or to visit their website, please turn to:

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