events in new babbage this weekend

Friday, February 13, 2009

Events in New Babbage this weekend…

Saturday, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM (SLT)

A number of events are slated for this weekend, starting with the Piermont Landing’s “A Valentine to Remember”, the next in the outstanding social gatherings by Miss Breezy Carver. With music provided by DJ Bats, this event will be reminiscent of Valentines of old, from the Victorian Era.

Sunday, starting at 2 PM (SLT)

Miss Viv Trafalgar will host the latest Aether Salon, on the topic of, well.. Amour! In light of the holiday, an auction will take place, involving numerous individuals (including myself) offering unique themed events to engage the fortunate winning bidder. I’m quite certain that this salon will prove as raucous as the last one (with the exception of explosions, I hope)!

Tuesday, (throughout the day)

Grand Opening of the New Babbage Aethernatucical Society

To quote the official line… “The New Babbage Aethernautical Society is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our new headquarters! Come visit with us and see our wonderful new building, complete with shopping and 2 amazing loft apartments! We have a full airship workshop(still in progress) and many other amenities for the aethernaut!”

For further information regarding these events, please turn to the New Babbage Ning, at:

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