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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Babbage Awards: The 2009 Golden Gear Awards

Miss Viv Trafalgar and Miss Breezy Carver
Winners of the 2009 Golden Gear Award
for substantial contributions to New Babbage
Last Sunday, after the anniversary edition of the Aether Salon, the 2009 Golden Gear awards were presented to two individuals who have made incomparable contributions to the City-State of New Babbage: Miss Breezy Carver and Miss Viv Trafalgar.

Miss Breezy Carver is the proprietress of the Piermont Landing, the location of her monthly Steampunk-themed balls. Setting a consistently high standard, her events are the most regularly attended social events in the Steamland, and to her credit, always have a relevant tie-in to a Steampunk topic. From a dynamic selection of music which demonstrate her good taste and astute ear for music, her building contests which attract and challenge some of the best builders and scripters from the Steamlands (and beyond), and her charismatic and engaging disposition embody the welcoming demeanor of New Babbage.
Miss Viv Trafalgar holds dual roles in New Babbage. Not only does she run her line of popular attire and goods (Viv Trafalgar Outfitters), but she is the driving force behind the Aether Salon, a standard of Steampunk discussion in the Steamlands. The Aether Salon has hosted numerous notable guests and has covered a wide variety of topics related to Steampunk – always engaging and expanding the realm, but focusing the definition of the genre. Her persistence has led the Aether Salon to become an event for Steampunk introspection in Second Life and beyond.
Congratulations ladies, on a job well done!


Breezy Carver

/me blushes and smiles
Thank YOU Dear Dr Fabre from the center of my heart .. You are far too kind and to be honest I am the one that is most blessed and quite honored to know you and have your friendship and company !
You Sir are the Steam and calming soothing voice of Reason and the Golden Cog of Steampunk Sir ..
thank You so very much ..
always breezy 🙂

Viv Trafalgar

Thank you so much Dr. Fabre – you are very kind, and an extraordinary force for community and Steampunk yourself. I am honored by this award and very grateful to New Babbage for all that it is and all that it shares with its residents. The residents themselves, including the fantastic Miss Carver, are some of the most creative, exciting and energetic embodiments of online Steampunk I know, whether they are event planners, builders, creators, rp-ers, thinkers, writers, urchins, or innocent passers-by who have suddenly found themselves covered in soot and serenaded by a nearby whoops, sorry.

It should be known far and wide that the Salon would be a pile of melty slag and rubble were it not for my co-host and collaborator in all things Salon Miss Serafina Puchkina – she keeps things ticking, and keeps me going, and I am forever grateful.