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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Steampunk Merchants: Loner Lane’s Atelier

Located on the second floor of Loner Lane, Atelier is nestled away from the main thoroughfare of Port Babbage

Upon exchanging locations in New Babbage last month with Miss Frye, I briefly interrupted her as she began rezzing a new build on plot #9 of Port Babbage. I inquired what she had in mind, and she responded that she was working on a project that she had in mind for a while. I returned later to discover Loner Lane, a spot where new and budding merchants could work on their new enterprises within New Babbage.

A few of Miss McBride’s current efforts in her store

Oddly enough, as New Babbage has quickly become a hotbed of Steampunk inventiveness, entertainment, and rp, I saw Miss Meadow McBrides outstanding postcards, and took a closer look, only to discover her efforts in documenting the “Clockwork Cephalods” of New Babbage!
Needless to say, I imposed upon her for a bit more about her discovery, and her store in Loner Lane. She graciously returned my request, and provided a bit of background

The first of three postcards about the “Clockwork Cephalopods“…

“My shop is called “Atelier”, it is one of Kaylee’s little units, and is above the Bakery in Loner Lane in Port Babbage. It is very new, so is very much a work in progress. I have been building my funny little things, clothes and accessories, in SL for a long time, but this is my first foray into selling. It is going very well!”

Miss McBride continues, “the theme for Atelier is ‘turn of the century Paris, with a circus feel’. My builds are primarily Steampunk, but with a quirky, fun, ‘girly‘ edge. The most important thing for me is that I do not simply want to bang up a few vendor boards and that’s it. I want people to come up to my little shop, and enjoy reading about the creations.”

… a bit more detail on the second postcard…

“I like to make accompanying illustrated ‘Atelier postcards’ for each build, which I hope people will find amusing. In future these may not be just stories, but will also offer historical and factual information and even ideas for using my items within roleplay scenarios. I aim to do more than just sell bits and pieces! I want my things to be inspirational to others in developing their avatars and characters.”

“Please do pop along and have a look at where I am at so far, I have lots of ideas bubbling away under the surface and should be adding new things weekly, RL pressures permitting! And I will be setting up a group very soon, so people can be informed of new products.”

… and her final classification work on the cute little invertebrates.

I did inquire about her future plans regarding her enterprise

“With regards to what’s coming next? Well, I have a list of products I want to add to the Poisoner’s theme as people seem quite taken with the arsenic and measuring spoons brooch. I will also be working on a series of detailed hats – an ‘homage’ to my various Steampunk heroes. I will certainly be producing clothes when time allows! Atelier is all thanks to Kaylee Frye for letting me use part of her wonderful Loner Lane build, and I am grateful to her for the opportunity to let my imagination run wild!”

I am confident in saying that the residents and visitors of New Babbage will be looking forward to the next intriguing curiosities Miss McBride discovers! To visit Atelier, please turn to:

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Capt. Red Llewellyn

i have a particular fondness for this clever store now moved to Wheatstone Waterways and across the canal from my factory!…and when i am able (prim-wise) i love to bring out the Clockwork Cephalopod from storage and show him off on my breakfront!
~Capt. Red