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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Babbage: Loner Lane

Photo of the main entrance to Loner Lane, Port Babbage

A while ago, Miss Kaylee Frye and I engaged in a bit of real estate transaction – we exchanged locations in New Babbage. I assumed responsibility for her plot just outside the New Babbage walls, and she took over my spot in the north eastern corner of Port Babbage.

View west towards the Port facilities

My first notice of her new project came across in the New Babbage Ning, where there was talk of a locale called “Loner Lane”. It is a spot where she generously offered 50 prims to those who may not have the opportunity to otherwise have a small corner in New Babbage.

I understand the bakery here is quite good – especially the pies!

Upon opening, a number of establishments have taken residence here, including young Jimmy Branagh, Miss Meadow McBride, Mr. Django Camel (our equestrian expert, who finally has a stall to call home), Poopdeck Halfpint’s “veggibles” store, Pumpkin Tripsa, Mr. Ephraim Twine, and Dr. Hengest Whitfield’s free clinic, with a nice gurneys for sale (some recently used)!

The Free Clinic, and the adjoining “Veggible” store, both underneath the catwalks

I must give kudos to Miss Frye for not only devising a beautiful Steampunk-esque build, but her thoughtfulness in allowing other to partake the mercantile and rp of New Babbage.

Exit leading to Miss Echegaray’s garden (and Mr. Camel’s stable… no, no fertilizer jokes here!)

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