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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gears of Elegance, a new Steampunk fashion endavor

I was approached by Miss E. Pharrez the other day regarding her new lady’s Steampunk fashion endeavor, named “Gears of Elegance”.  As those who read this blog know, I make a point of being unschooled in the couture of the realm of ladies, so I shall let her explain her project…

I love to design Steampunk clothing for cosplay, everyday wear and just in general, Victorian/Edwardian. This is where my passion lies and what I would love to put together for other Steampunk lovers to be able to purchase and wear. While there are a good amount of “vintage” clothing not many provide much of the 1800/1900s style.

What most people don’t is that so much time goes into making Steampunk clothing but it also is finance consuming. There is also a lot of extra small things like belt buckles, buttons, straps, lace, snaps, etc that go into the details of Steampunk. They don’t usualy just have one, they have a least a few of these elements incorporated. Bustles and long skirts ususally use about 6-7 yards of fabric in which the money would go into buy fabrics, tools used to make Steampunk corsets, and the materials mentioned above.

Fabrics can cost from $3 a yard to $13 a yard, lace can run from $4 to $15 in which I’d love to provide good quality product and not just the cheapest of what I can find. Steampunk cosplayers and lovers alike love to find the best wardrobe to add theirs!

If so inclined, do consider a visit to her Etsy location to see more of her work (located at:, and / or visit her Facebook locale for more information (at:


Clementine Dahling

Kudos to you for sharing even though youre not interested in the topic!


Dear Miss Dahling,
Not so much "not interested", but more akin that ladies couture is not really something I claim to be overly knowledgeable about, nor would make a pretense to having said knowledge. However, Im quite happy to assist as I can regarding this new endeavor!
Dr. Fabre