steampunk medals on esty

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Steampunk Medals on Esty…

On a longutital topic associated with the previously mentioned poll question, I did think it was a bit disingenous simply leave the question hanging regarding where one might obtain interesting, but non-real-military, medals.  Therefore, I made a small list of links and leads to companies and individuals who specialize in said items.  Some are badges, some are medals, but all are quite unique, and to the best of my estimation, are not related to current militaries, so do consider a view, if you’d like… (I’ve taken the liberty of making the url link directly to a specific item, if the vendor does not specifically specialize in Steampunk items)!

Please bear in mind, the listing is only a sampling of the outstanding goods available on Esty, and as is common, its easy to go down the proverbial “rabbit hole”, link by link, and find many other excellent Steampunk accoutrement (which I’d certainly encourage)!  Please do indulge in searching, if you happen to have a bit of time!….



These sit much better with me than real medals. They are much more of the steampunk ethos.

Rafael Fabre

@ G – Ty, glad it is of use!