classic map of new babbage

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Classic Map of New Babbage

Classic Map of New Babbage
A few days ago, Mr. Elika Sieyes took upon himeself the laborious endeavor of designing an oustanding map of New Babbage, in excruciating detail.  Using a varied number of sources and software, (e.g. CCANSA 3.0, very nice fonts, and a good bit of elbow grease {in action, as one can see below}, this gem of cartography is available at Hudson’s Illumination and any donations will be used to support the new Perdido Street Turkish Baths.

The good gentleman hard at work!
For more detail regarding the process or a much larger version of the map are both available a the following thread: .  Kudos on your labors, sir!

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HeadBurro Antfarm

Thanks for the heads up to this – it is simply a stunning piece of work and probably could only have happened in Babbage.