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Friday, June 18, 2010

SL Steampunk Events, Updates, and some Ning news…

Two major events will be taking place in the SL Steamlands this weekend – first The 2nd annual Illusions White Themed Ball will start on Saturday, at 6pm SLT and run until 9pm (SLT).  More details are provided by Mr. Rip Wirefly…

At this dance for the first hour, there will be a charity auction for rfl as well, These fine people have agreed to be auctioned.

Tinus Koskinen, one of New Babbage’s best texture makers, will be offering texture advice to the highest bidder. As him advice, use his knowledge, learn ways to improve your texture skills.

Myrtil Igaly, one of New Babbages finest urchins, who helped pave the way for many urchins to run the streets of New Babbage has generously offered to give advice to the urchin, or soon to be urchin that bids the highest. Ask about proper urchin etiquette, troubles, and over all fun that can be had as a small child in New Babbage or around the steamlands.

Aeoleous Cleanslate has become one of the most pronounced builders in New Babbage. His style is apparent and experience holds from more than just New Babbage. The highest bidder will be lucky enough to talk with this man on building, perhaps to get advice on future builds, look at current builds, what ever your mind needs help with in building, this man will more than likely have the answer.

hyasynth Tiramisu, one of the most prominent clothing makers in all of the steamlands. When people ask of where to go for a formal, most are directed her way. Be the highest bidder and get priceless one on one time with this great designer to help with advice on clothing and entering the clothing business in secondlife.

Ahnyanka Delphin, the owner of the New Champagne rooms, and now, to the highest bidder, the date to the Illusions white themed ball. Don’t miss this chance for a wonderful evening with this amazing woman!

Ashiko Kuroe, notorious felon in New Babbage will be up for auction in what could be his last dance! Take this chance to dance with a known bomber, who knows if he might try anything devious with so many eyes watching.

Men out there, need a date to the dance? Look no further as Ceejay Writer auctions herself as a date to the Illusions White Themed ball! The highest bidder will immediately enjoy the witty banter of this linguistically talented woman!

Mossesveno Tenk, the clockwinder himself will be allowing the highest bidder to dance with him the very night he is auctioned. This is a rare occasion, and to the highest bidder, you can brag to all your friends, that you danced with the mayor of New Babbage, and he danced with no one else, the entire night!

If you have the opportunity, be certain to stop by Wheatstone Waterways tomorrow for a dance or two!  For more information, please visit:

On Sunday, the Aether Salon will be hosting its latest topic, Photography, and the guest speaker will be the exceptionally talented Mr. PJ Trenton.  As the lead photographer for the Prim Perfect and the Primgraph, if you wish to enhance your SL photographic skills, do take the opportunity to attend and speak with one of SL most talented photographers!  For more details, please visit: 
… or visit Mr. Trenton’s own website, at:

Finally, more definitive changes are happenign on the Ning network.  It will be going to a pay model starting July 20th… meaning that if you happen to have started on of the “freebee” Nings, it will meet its demise in about a month.  Still, many proactive Nings are making alternate plans, and here is what I am privy to so far…
Steampunk Empire – No change, it will still be one of the pinnacles of Steampunk interaction on the internet
New Babbage Ning – I have formally turned over the ownership of the New Babbage Ning to the management of New Babbage.  I understand there will be a website up and running soon, but for the time being, the NB Ning is still operating.
Caledon Forums – I have a feeling it will be going to the wayside, but the Steamlander will continue to provide information for the Caledon continent.
Armada – They have migrated to Spurz, and have a new, and very well done website, most certainly worth a look!
Steelhead – No news yet on a transition

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