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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Help finish “Monty and the Runaway Furnace” Movie… (and a few website updates)!

Came across this unique production which is currently being filmed, but unfortunately… they are having some issues with the last few scenes.  As nothing says Steampunk more than a steam boiler, I thought it would be quite appropriate to attempt to assist with their request to help complete their production!  For more details regarding Monty and the Runaway Furnace, please do visit their main location, at: , then consider a visit to their Kickstart aether location, at:
(Via her DeviantArt webpage) – do pay her a visit!
Now, onto the aforementioned website changes… I’ve added some new tabs under the header, to take advantage of Bloggers’ added functionality.  As such, I’ve been able to shoe-horn in a few more topics, and am in the process of bringing them up-to-speed, to your patience is appreciated!  The new categories are as follows…
Steampunk Facebook Pages – I’m moving the listing for the Steampunk Facebook Pages a bit higher.  Its current location is a bit … buried, shall we say, so with the growth of more Steampunk Facebook locations, I’m hoping to make it a bit easier to reach.  Again, if you happen to have (or know of) a Steampunk Facebook page, please do let me know, and I’ll add it as soon as possible!
Steampunk Esty Endeavors – The small artisans who travail making many of the good works seen by adherents of the Steampunk community can always use more accolades, so this will be my small effort to present links to their stores.  I’m thinking this will be a longer term project, as there are many Steampunk Esty stores, but one has to start somewhere!  If your Esty endeavor has a Steampunk focus, please do drop a line to, and lets see if we can add your endeavor to the list!
Second Life Steampunk – As many know, I started this small yellow journal with Second Life Steampunk efforts.  Though I penned the old Steampunk Travelogue, I thought that a current listing of existing Steampunk locations, beyond the mish-mash (imo) which Second Life search presents, would be appropriate.  If you happen to know of a Steampunk sim that’s not listed, again, please do bend my elbow about it!
Steampunk Wonders of the World – This an occasionally visited topic, with a thread on Brass Goggles from 2007, and my own attempt to make a listing of the same topic on 2010.  As this is a longer term project, if you can think of something in RL (no, not Second Life), which may fit the bill as a Steampunk Wonder, please head on over to the page, and feel free to make a recommendation – ty!

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