happy international steampunk day

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy International Steampunk Day!

Happy Steampunk Day Indeed!  Read on the Steampunk Empire and on Facebook that today was to be “International Steampunk Day”, but frankly, I haven’t head what exactly will be going on today.  Well, for my own account, I’ll probably hop back in the Rusty Albatross and take a swing around New Babbage (assuming I get the chance).  However, I’ve included a few locations that will provide a bit of insight on the going-ons with today’s holiday…

The Steampunk Empire’s International Steampunk Day thread
Otten’s Gatehouse Gazette’s International Steampunk Day Thread
Brass Goggle’s International Steampunk Day Thread
Facebook’s International Steampunk Day Thread

On this holiday of holidays, I discovered a site that has a cacophany of Steampunk items (including Holiday cards, though I think it may be a bit late to order card’s for this year’s celebration).  This site, Redbubble.com has an interesting swath of items, including shirts, cards and more, so do consider paying it a visit, if you have the opportunity!

To go directly to the Steampunk items, please visit here
and to view Redbubble.com’s main site, please go to: http://www.redbubble.com/

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