humorous event and steampunk vote due

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Humorous Event and a Steampunk Vote due by Friday, the 29th of January…

A “two for one” event for Thursday’s entry!  First, Lord Likley will commence his twenty-four hour event in 24 chapters in … 24 hours!  Yes, one and hour (or so) of Lord Likley’s antics and adventures!  Be sure to catch every one as it happens… at the gentleman’s re-vamped website:

Next, a circumstance that has put me in an odd position.  It appears that the “Shorty Awards” have a category for Steampunk this year, and a good number of participants (and featured individuals on the Heliograph) are on the ballot, including…
Mr. Robert Brown, of Abney Park fame, @
Clockwork Couture, the attire and accessories enterprise, @
The Penny Dreadfuls, a well-known Steampunk Musical entourage, @
E & K Davenport (the Davenport Sisters), of the Clockwork Cabaret, @
The League of S.T.E.A.M., Steampunk Adventurers, @
Dr. Steel, Musician Extradoinaire, @
Mr. Jake Von Slatt, stunning Steampunk builder and designer, @
Ms. Sidney Padua, outstanding author of 2-D Goggles, @
Riese, the Steampunk Web series, @
Be sure to place your vote with your favorite – be it one listed here or another fine candidate!  Nominations end on the 29th of January (at Midnight … on this Friday)!  Make your vote count!  For more information, please visit the rules, at:

Visit the Steampunk voting site directly, at:

… or the main website, at:

(… and on a final note, I made my own personal thumb-print on the voting, when I saw a graphic I made for the New Babbage Ning was being “borrowed” as a voting icon on the Shorties!  Brings a tear to my eye – sniff!)


Rhianon Jameson

Though the cliche is that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, truly, that honor goes to "borrowing" ones work.

Mary Jose

Steampunk is the fashion of the Victorian era of England that speaks of the much prevailing aristocratic style of clothing while Cowboy clothing speaks about the ruffians.
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