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Saturday, October 27, 2007

In memory of Timely Sands

My encounter with Miss Timely Sands

(Antiquity Township) Back in the end of May, I was wandering around Victoria City, when I encountered an intriguing young lady, who approached me and struck up a conversation. We had a grand time, discussing blogging, writing (her specialty), Caledon, Gorian sims a wide spectrum of topics.
Just before she left (to attend to business in Gor), she offered friendship, and I accepted how could I not from such an erudite woman? She also provided me with copies of her works, which I read they were very well done, so much that I vowed the next time I was to see her, I would ask her for more of her work.
Agent Timely of Caledon
That was not to be. I logged on this morning to do some SL work, and received the following message (edited for this blog)
It is with great sadness that I must tell you that my RL friend and one time employee who was known as Timely Sands, has died. At the far too young age of 43, she suffered a massive stroke on week ago, two days after a day surgery to remove a benign tumor. She leaves a husband and two children. Her SL fantasy life was largely unknown to them so I regret there was no way to contact them in RL.
SL will miss her in all her roles:
Caledonian Intrepid Explorer and part-time spy during the Neualtenburg war.
FreeWoman scribe of Gorean Tafa
Mistress to Bryn, Dina, Taa
Friend to Margie, Marcia, and Margie Meng
As her friend I thank you for all the fun you brought to her life.
Lyndal Homewood
Miss Sands in Gorian garbs and veil
I had read about those who lose friend in SL/RL, but the sadness is something that one does not comprehend until it happens personally. Although I only met her once, she was (and will remain) one of the most memorable people I have had the pleasure of knowing in SL
Farewell Timely you will be missed.


Skusting Dagger

It is always sad when somebody you know departs this world. Possibly even sadder when it is somebody you know from a world such as this whom you would never know on the outside.
And vexing to know that you will never know them again.
For we become deprived of another wonderful imagination.
But you, Sir Doctor, have had some small pleasure in knowing this lost imagination, however briefly.
And in your memory she will live on.
THAT is how we gain immortality.

Baron K. Wulfenbach

I had no occasion to meet the lady, but yet another loss before her apparent time is saddening and cause for reflection.

Thank you for your comments about her; she was a valued Caledonian from what you say and the reactions of others.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke

This is the second time a person I’ve known in SL has passed away. Thank you for letting me know.

And I’ve added my own brief comments here (and stolen your picture).