in memorandum mr gregg merryman

Friday, July 16, 2010

In Memorandum – Mr. Gregg Merryman

Learned today of the passing of Mr. Gregg Merryman.  An outstanding builder and scripter in Second Life, he was always willing to assist to new residents, and tirelessly worked to make the City-State the Steampunk gem it is.  He passed away very recently, and this Son of New Babbage will be sorely missed.
If one wishes to express condolences, please visit the New Babbage Ning.

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Breezy Carver

Dearest Rafael ,
God Bless YOU and that big Heart of YOURS .. For you are always here doing the right thing Sir it is an honor and privilege to be close to YOU !!
thank you for this Sir thank YOU tenfold !!
ever Yours breezy