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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The incredible Super-Steampunk artwork of Mr. Chet Phillips

Via IO9, I came across the most outstanding artwork of Mr. Chet Phillips, who has (now) two sets of Steampunk Super-Individuals!  Originally he had a set of the “Union of Superlative Heroes” trading card set, and had now gone and produced a new set, titled the “Order of Nefarious Villains”!  Excellent art and background appropriate to the era, these cards are gems!

I would heartily recommend a visit to Mr. C. Phillips’s website, where you can obtain copies of both decks, so do pay a visit to his website, at:, and his Esty site, at:, which has an extensive collection of his art – do enjoy!

“The Purple Jester” (aka, the Joker”), from his latest work!

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Fogwoman Gray

I actually find his Steampunk Monkies series even more entertaining!