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Monday, August 16, 2010

Instructables Steampunk

An unsung hero of the Steampunk movement is the often used Instructables website.  As one travels the online venues to see what has been constructed over the months and years, may enbolden a person to wish they knew how to produce the unique items they may see, such as Mr. Datamancer’s outstanding keyboard.  Well, if the desire and the determination to do is is present, Instructables can provide the direction.
Instructables is a DIY website that has plenty of intriguing and useful projects that an average person can take upon themselves to build (e.g. a solar powered charger for an ipod).  With the popularization of Steampunk, a good number of Steampunk-esque projects have surfaced on Instructables, which has led them to build a category for Steampunk itself.
Though there are the somewhat mandatory modified Nerf prop guns, there is a good selection of items that perform unique functions.  The selection of projects to choose from is impressive.  One small note, however, is that though the complete instructions are available on the narratives, to obtain better photographs of the projects one is asked to subscribe.  I understand that the subscription is to support the website – a good deed, and a useful benefit if one is having problems with a sticky project.
Nonetheless, from modified keyboards, MP3 holders, light, attire, goggles, and a cacophany of other projects, Instructables is an excellent place to start your Steampunk projects!  To get started, please follow the attached link to the Steampunk section of Instructables, at:

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