instructionals on corsets from lucys

Friday, July 6, 2012

Instructionals on Corsets, from Lucy’s Corsetry!

While researching the previous article, I came across a small video on corsetry.  As there are a number of ladies in the Steampunk genre who either actively wear, or at the very least are considering the use of a corset (I’d imagine), finding Lucy’s Corsetry YouTube channel was an amazing bit of luck!
The endeavor (both her blog/store (she is very exclusive regarding making corsets due to numerous reasons) and the video archive) is run by Miss Lucy, a very enterprising lady, with an extensive background in a number of disciplines, including corsetry (of course)!  Her extensive knowledge and obvious affection for corsets are evident in the vast detail she displays on her videos, with over 160 videos at last count – though not all address corsets (some are about hair, as one can see her extensively long locks), the vast majority of her videos are about said topic.

I’ve posted a few samples of her videos here, but if *anything* about corsets catches your attention, I would most certinaly grab a drink, a chair, and get comfortable whilst you watch any of the large selection of her works on her channel, located at:

After which, do consider a visit to her very interesting website, located at: !


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