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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some potentially disappointing news

Front facade of Steamworks

Disappointing News

While performaing research on another article, I was unable to find Steamworks, and it apperas that it has disappeared. In spite of my best efforts, I have not been able to divine the status of the sim, and its beautiful club, I must assume that it is out of business, which is a shame, as it was a well done effort. Unfortunately, SL business can be challenging, but I still retain a glimmer of hope that its absence is only for reconstruction, ideally. If anyone has any further information about Steamworks, please feel free to drop a comment on its status.

The main dance floor of Steamworks


Diamanda Gustafson

I really don’t know what to think. The owners had initially told us that they were merely relocating because of neighboring lag issues. That was 2 months ago, and we were told that it won’t last more than 2 weeks.

Maybe RL just happened in the interim..

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Hm… that is dissapointing. It was a very nice build, and the atmosphere was extraordinary, but… running a entertainment locale in SL is a challenge, as Mr. Saiman explained in detail in his 3-part article. A bit detailed, but fascinating to me as I am a business nerd at times! (Seriously, just at times).

However, I do regret not being able to attend your performance at Steamworks – my plans were inevitably thwarted by some innane RL issue. My apologies!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Oh, btw, the article in question by Mr. Saiman is on New World Notes, at:


if you know the former owners of steamworks can you have them please send me a notecard? I may have a business propisition for them.