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Thursday, July 14, 2011

John Carter, Warlord of Mars, coming in 2012!

A Helium Ship, an amazing version of an airship!

Apparently movies with a Steampunk bent are coming out of the proverbial woodwork!  Though I must concur with Miss Fogwoman Gray, that 1) Cowboys and Aliens isn’t Steampunk, and b) I’m looking forward to its release as well – it looks like a fantastic production, I stumbled across yet another work with Steampunk imprints on it – the upcoming John Carter of Mars, based on the classic era books!
Having read the first few books of the series, when IO9 posted a few photos of the endeavor, I wondered… is there an accompanying video?  (Apparently so!)  Though most of the fame of the Warlord of Mars took place in the series of the 1930s & 1940s (squarely in Dieselpunk territory), his story had its beginning in 1912, were a serialized version of Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ works, of an adventurer, a US Civil War veteran, arriving to his destiny on Mars (otherwise known as Barsoom).  I’ve added a few links for those unfamiliar with the series.
“Between Worlds”…

Disney has done well with the Pirates of the Caribbean series, so one can hope they will do justice to this classic work!  For more information regarding the upcoming production, and a few more useful links, please turn to:
… and the free eBook for those wishing to read a bit more…


Built not bought

Exciting times for steampunk!


Im NOT liking what I see in the John Carter trailer so much. There are some wildly glaring inaccuracies with character appearances that I find annoying. But… Ill probably go see it.

What I DID like was seeing the trailer for Scorseses Hugo on the big screen this evening. That is most definitely steampunk and it looks to be fun and interesting. Im really looking forward to it.


@ Lois2037 – Indeed, I concur, there seems to be many liberties taken with the original work, but… Ill probably do the same. As far a Hugo is concerned, it looks interesting, especially after the release of the new video, so again, certainly worth a look.