major events in steampunk world this

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Major events in the Steampunk world this weekend….

Starting with Nova Ablion’s Wild, Wild East event!… If you are near the vicinity of Northern California, this event is a “must attend”!  Lots going on, lots to see and do – for more details, please visit my earlier entry regarding Nova Ablion, at :

If one happens to be on the East Coast, fear not!  The Steampunk Industrial Revoloution is taking place in Nashua, New Hampshire (US)!  Found a much more eloquent narrative below, so do take a moment before you pack your transportation to the event and watch….

then visit their website, at:!
And… if on is near the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Denver will be hosting Anomaly Con, an event which is frankly “jam packed” with exceptionally interesting lectures & panels, including the lovely Miss Michelle Black, author and editor of the  In addition, there will be plenty of entertainment and events to partake, so again, if in the area, make it a point of stopping by!  To learn more, please visit their website, at:

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Michelle Black

Thank you so much for your kind remarks!
I hope Anomalycon is a big success for all Rocky Mountain Steampunks (I am one).