masquerade project steamed

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Masquerade Project – Steamed

I stumbled across this by mistake… it appears to be made in New Babbage, but not quite sure of the author (listed as a “xotmid”). Nonetheless, quite well done – kudos! If anyone has further information regarding this bit of cinema, please leave a note about such – ty.


Diamanda Gustafson

I can tell you with certainy that parts of it were definitely filmed in Caledon – the ballroom is Coughton Court located in Caledon Carntaigh, and at least one blimp shot is VERY familiar, though I can’t locate it with certainty. Also, unless Babbage has its own rail tracks (haven’t visited since forever ago), the ones shown are very alike to the Caledonian ones.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Madam – I have attempted to contact the producer of the movie, but have received no response from said individual. I was not concerned about the locale, as much as the fact a good faith effort in producing a small short about the beautiful and intriguing builds of the Victorian SL… be it Caledon or New Babbage.

Breezy Carver

Dear Dr Fabre i came across this video early this am myself .. Of course i was excited as it is in theme to my event.. I really was quite amazed when searching further (to find out who shot it) came across this post of YOURS I really shouldn’t be .. as YOU do not miss a thing Sir !! grins .. always a delight to know YOU Sir and thank YOU for all the brilliant recaps and captures you do post and share ..for us all !! big smile
always breezy
ps note the date .. grins you serch engine well Sir page one !!

Mr D

I Dimentox Travanti Made it =)