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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Various Victorian weblinks…

Working hard to keep up with the blog after this week of travails…

A small collection of websites I have located during this month, which may be of interest to those who skim this small blog

The Gentlemans Page
A well-done blog on the many of the manners and expected behaviors of a gentleman of the era. Through, it has a good number of topics it touches upon, such as: Deportment, how to act in the presence of ladies, Greetings, a review of suits and coats, and many more items that any Victorian / Steampunk gentleman should know! (It even has a small excerpt from Mark Twains unfinished book of etiquette listing in which order to save individuals from a boarding house fire!)

Victorian London
Part of the “Ward Family Tree” genelogical website, it has good insight into differing aspects of London in Victorian time (hence the name).
WW1: Experience of an English Soldier
The transcripts of an English soldier involved in the Great War the letters are updated literally as of 100 years ago, and this award-winning blog has been featured by numerous entities, such as the CBC, ABC, and ARD (German Television). A fantastic slice of reality almost a step back into time!
A clever comic of Victorian individuals with modern dilemmas. The era artwork is quite good.
and last but not least
The Heliograph in the Apache wars
A look at how the Heliograph was used during this conflict, with illustrations and links about the use of said piece of equipment.

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