mechanics for dreames spectacular

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mechanics for Dreames – a spectacular performance!

Received a small message from some exceptionally talented individials from Italy, who in their words…

A history of construction of mechanical and analogic machines, sound-producing and wonder-awakening.
All our machines are ingeniously and creatively refurbished from spare parts material derived from industrial processes.
Our lab gave birth to both l’Océan and Esperimento Pirofonia musical machines.
Within the last 10 years, we’ve designed, developed and built machines working with water, air and fire: those machines are the performance core along with bass guitar, mixer and computer effects.
Rumours, sounds and melodies erupt from the primeval volcano as well as the industrial world.. our performances are an impressive mix of motion acting and sound, surely satisfying every audience.

They have crafted this amazing ensamble of unique items, which allow them to produce, well… you’ll simply have to watch for yourself!

To learn more about Mechanics for Dreames, visit their homesite, Tana Creatures, at:, and do prepare to be amazed!

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