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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mexican Steampunk: Mercaniros de Dios and Steampunk Mexico!

Logo of the Mercenaries of God

I have been sadly remiss in my coverage of the emergent Spanish speaking realms of Steampunk has been lacking… aside from the perhaps more attentive coverage I should be providing the Golden Gear (an outstanding Iberian forum for all things Steampunk in Spain), there is an excellent Mexican Steampunk magazine which by all means merits lavish attention!  Mercenarios de Dios (Mercenaries of God) is a Mexican Steampunk blog and magazine which covers Steampunk for Spanish speaking individuals.  Titled “The Investigator” (El Investagdor), the magazine is on its ninth edition, and has excellent articles throughout.  (This issue has a great piece titled “Nikola versus Thomas”, comparing the two geniuses, and stating that Tesla is rightfully a Steampunk icon, while Edison (an evil scoundrel by all means), deserves the “elephant-treatment“, though my translation might be a tad off).

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend a trip over to the Mercenaries website, indulge in Google’s translation function!  Alas, to read the Investigator, if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll have to do a bit of work, but by all means, do pass an eye on all nine issues, including the most recent edition, located at:

After the visit, do consider a trip to Steampunk Mexico, which is replete with intriguing commentary and writing regarding Steampunk… a very nice change from the regular English-based Steampunk chatter, it is located at:

(A tip of the hat to The Gatehouse for the lead – ty, sir!)



Very cool – a really comprehensive blog youve got here!

N. Inmunsapá

Thank you for the entry.
And a little words about the logos here.
The first one its for a steampunk fiction call it "Nullius in verba" part of the project "Retrofuturismo: 1875" (retro futurism 1875) wich also has a steampunk wild west story call it "REWARD" and another one on Germany wich name is "Kaiserreich"
Weve already finish "REWARD" and development now the other two stories.

Second one image is our logo a triangle with an eye two feather wings and two fireweapons crossed above all. Just this one is fixed to look like a wax seal.

Third one the flag of Steampunk México forum it was made for Xpike aka gorgonzola666 wich is the artist behind the graphic design for El Investigador.

Thank you, Mr Fabre