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Monday, April 14, 2008

Modern Steampunk Notables: Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel

From Dr. Frankenstein to Professor Moriarty, the Steampunk genere has had its share of …. misunderstood scientists. It might have seemed that the standard bearers of “pushing the envelope” of science have been lacking, until the emergence of Dr. Steel.

Classic steampunk photo (avec gear)

Inventor, mad scientist, and entertainer, Dr. Steel has emerged as a classic throw-back to the much missed category of inventive and misunderstood scientific professionals who wish to make the world a better place, usually through world domination. For a bit of background on the good doctor, here is an excerpt from his biography…

Quite small for his age, cursed with a childhood stutter and being an only child, the boy who would one day become Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel spent much of his youth isolated. Being kept at a distance from the other children in the neighborhood he invested most of his time indoors creating his own worlds by drawing, animating stop motion films, building contraptions and making music.

Enrolled in a private school he excelled in his studies. It was in this strict environment that he learned the importance of dedicated work habits as well as the importance of keeping all independent thought hidden from authority. Growing ever more bored with his education as he entered into a public high school he yearned to be released into the real world so that he might begin a career in art. Upon graduating, however, he was swiftly rejected by art school. Due to the wide range of talents he displayed he was told that he had no focus. Ironically, it was only a year later that he found himself using those varied talents and working for the entertainment industry in the areas of character design, special effects, animation, video games and toys.

After years of working for the industry he became frustrated with the frequent lack of originality he encountered. As a result, he went into business for himself.Via the Internet he launched . It was through this medium that he was able to cohesively showcase his various talents to the world. Soon enough his artwork, music, performance, photography, design, and ideals began to strike a chord with a generation who, like himself, had grown tired of the existing, uninspired and manufactured world of modern entertainment.Since the launch of his website, Dr. Steel has been gaining awareness around the globe as citizens from all over the world enlist in his Army of Toy Soldiers. Upon enlisting, Toy Soldiers spread the word of his creations and ideology while embarking on various missions and continually building support for Dr. Steel.

As a published author he has presented his theories in magazines such as Paranoia; The Conspiracy Reader , as well as various online sources gaining interest and support from all corners of the globe.As a musician, his albums have united an eclectic fan base as diverse and varied as Dr. Steel’s music itself. Bringing his music to life through the live Dr. Steel Show, the events allow his troops to amass in one location, enjoying a refreshing taste of ingenuity in a multi-media performance fusing live music, costumes, puppetry and video projection.

His vision for building a Utopian Playland stretches far and wide across the globe and is based on the simple ideology of making fun the top priority. With many already touting him as World Emperor, Dr. Steel’s ever-growing army rallies to support his plans for a world make over.

Dr. Steel and his Army of Toy Soldiers march forth to extinguish fear from the minds of the people and to instill inspiration and creativity into the lives of each and every one of us.
Doctor Phineas Waldof Steel will someday rule the world.

His attempt at democratic change… probably better than the current crop of canidates!

His very well made website is at:

The musical genre might not be for everyone’s taste, but the video interviews are certainly worth a viewing!

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