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Sunday, November 9, 2008

In memorium: Clockspire Cove

(photo c. Dr. Obolensky)

One of the most unfortunate victims of Linden Lab’s “improved” open sim policy was Clockspire Cove. Dr. Obolensky held a final “going away” party, in the form of a Pirate Regatta, which drew a large contingent of well wishers… though I am certain that the good doctor has other neferious plan for the New Babbage populace.

(photo c. Dr. Obolensky)

The Clockspire Cove was a standout locale in New Babbage, and its departure will be sorely missed.

(Photo c. Dr. Obolensky)

For more information regarding the Clockspire Cove and activities, please turn to:

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Bamika Easterman

This was so sad. I was there when Obolensky blew up his fortress and evil pirate lair, and witnessed it’s passing. With The Royal Caledonian Airforce taking their dogfights out of SL, and the sailing federation facing the end of the road,and now this it is a sad time.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi! We shall not see the like again. 🙁