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Monday, December 7, 2009

Neo-Victorian Media: The Adventures of Ellie Connelly

Found an online graphic endeavor involving an adventuresome young lady, secret societies, ancient mysteries, and much more, set in the Steampunk era.  While not *exactly* Steampunk, the series is still quite new, and it appears that there is quite a bit of classic genre tidbits to fit well within the realm of Neo-Victorian and Steampunk tales to enthrall many readers with its plotline.
A snippet from the latest installment of “The Adventures of Ellie Connelly”
Do take a moment to acquaint oneself with this promising series.  I will be linking it to the sidebar for easy reference, but in the mean time, it can be read at:


Breezy Carver

Almost as wonderful as Modest You Dear Dr Fabre smiles and grand Kudos Sir .. On mention in Time !