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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Poll winner – The Secete Adventures of Jules Verne!

The winner of the latest poll, about the most popular US Steampunk television series went to “The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne”… by a single vote! By a margin of 13 to 12 (43% to 40%) over the 60’s classic “The Wild, Wild West”, the Secret Adventures has proven that a newer wave of Steampunk popularity has emerge (or most of the voters are too young to remember the “Wild, Wild West”.) Regardless, Briscoe County Jr. garnered five votes, but as the show fought numerous RL television issues, with a different supporting from its parent network, it might have done better.

I shall leave you with introduction credits, and a second trailer with a bit more on the technical steampunk side (labs, airships, and the like)! A “Thank You” to all who participated!

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Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke

Sadly I think I missed the voting for this one, not that my vote would have changed the winner.

One series that I think is HUGELY underrated is Richard Dean Anderson’s Legend. While I’m not overly fond of the Old West as a genre this show just outsteampunks all comers and had a great sense of humour (of at itself).

I’ve managed to get all bar two episodes of SAoJV and transfer them to DVD. One day I hope there’ll be an official release.