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Monday, March 3, 2008

New Babbage: Arts in the Park

Overview of the Park in the Babbage Canals

Upon taking a constitutional in the Babbage Canals, I happened up on the “Arts in the Park” display in the center square. Mr. Dagger, a Canal resident, owner of Rubys, and a good friend explained, that Mr. Shay McDowwel had generously provided the space so artists and photographers can display their works, and if an individual finds a piece that catches their eye, purchase a bit of artistic inspiration.

Mr. Dagger and I discussing some of the displays

Ive taken the liberty of displaying some of the efforts of the participants. I failed to scribble down the names of the artists, but if you visit the Canal, youll be certain to find that artiste that you seek!

Supurb aquatic photography (probably from the Vernian Sea…)

The recently planted “Steam Tree”

Beautiful avaian artwork from a lovley Babbage Canal artiste

More aquatic photography, but a mermaid photoshopped in an Art Nouveau motif

Paintings done in the fair of the classics of the 19th century


Skusting Dagger

I am forever being called the owner of Ruby’s. ‘Tis a misconception. I merely manage the fine establishment for Sir ArthurConan Doyle and Mr. Swindlehurst.
And I may be able to shed a bit of light on some of the art stalls you have included in your article. The 3D works (in the photo of you and I) are the works of the young urchin Jimmy Branagh. Should you see him about drop a few pennies into his hand so that he may feed his dog. (and hopefully purchase a scrap of bread for himself.) The beautiful aquatic photos are the work of Beq Janus (she of the Horta House – another must see build in New Babbage.)
The Steam Tree in the middle of the park is the work of Xyyrl Oh. She’s a wonderfully inventive lass, who always has something new and interesting to show you, and frequently gives away some of her amazing creations. You can often find young master Shay sitting on one of its striped roots. The avian artwork (along with celtic knot work and other whimsical works) are more examples of Miss Canolli Capalini’s many talents. And I’d forgotten to mention that she uses some of this art on her exquisite changing screens.
The paintings in your last photo are those of another of Babbage’s urchins, young Miss Myrtil Igaly. Some of these were created and used as banners on the lamp posts surrounding the park over the winter, when the place was used as a skating rink.
There is some much great work to see in the park, it is always worth a visit.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Mr. Dagger,
Thank you for clarifying the situation – I must admit, I simply made an assumption (insert overused expression here …).
Additionally, I do appreciate your extrapolation on the artists and their works. I do hope that more residents and visitors will visit and enjoy the artistic efforts of those involved.
Dr. Rafael Fabre