new babbage autumn ball and grand tour

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Babbage Autumn Ball and the Grand Tour

Not only is the Autumn Mystery Ball taking place in Wheatstone Waterways this Saturday, but a full slate of events are on tap for this weekend.

The Autumn Mystery Ball is, as one can surmise, a mystery to be solved… along with musical entertainment. The current hints towards discovering the resolution to the mystery are…

I believe I have all the clues, but do check the New Babbage Ning for further background on the Autumn Mystery Ball, at:

~~~~~ ~~~~~

The New Babbage Autumn Mystery Ball is also part of the “Grand Tour”, an effort coordinated by Fogwoman Grey to provide a showcase for a multitude of themed nations in SL. Below is a list of the events, and an in-world notecard can be obtained at Pearse’d and Cut, in New Babbage (All times SLT). Most certainly a weekend of events to remember!


4am Colonia Nova – Toga Party, featuring classical greek and roman music, Colonia Nova Docks, Inspiration Park, and Three Muses Park

6am New Toulouse – All Day Celebration – Welcome Home Mama Cree

8am OrcadiaWyre Ball

10am Victoriana – White Queen Ball*Ripening of Diamonds* A diamond head piece will be awarded to the person selected as the Winter Queen. The Ripening of Diamonds is valued over $L500.

Noon Neufriedstadt – Formal Ball in the Schloss Neufreistadt, featuring German Composers and waltzes

2pm WinterfellWinterDanceMediaeval & Renaissance Music

4pm Caledon Carntaigh – Tulips in the Snow

6pm New Babbage – Autumn Mystery Ball

9pm Steeltopia event

11pm Caledon Argylle – Underwater Ball in the dome


5am Al Andalus – Flamenco and Spanish music and dancing,

7am Isles of Fatima – Ice Skating to Holiday Music in a Beautiful Winter Garden

9am Giggleford/Eynehallow Ball

11am Caledon Early Birds at the Forrester – Caledon Stormhold – Celtic Forest Tea and Dance

Noon Wunderbar – WALTZ in the WUNDERBAR BALLROOM Do you love to waltz? Does the music of Johann Strauss put a smile on your face? Would you like to see how crazy King Ludwig of Bavaria went broke, furnishing a castle? Then join us for an elegant waltz event!

12 p.m. until 2 p.m — 21:00 bis 23:00 UhrDress in your finest formalwear and join us at the beautiful Wunderbar Ballroom castle. DJ Lorelei Saintlouis will play the best waltzes, Dann kommen Sie bitte in Ihrer besten eleganten Kleidung in unserem einzigartig schoenen Wunderbar Ballroom.

1pm Antiquity Ball – A Formal Ball Welcoming Winter to Antiquity

5pm Steelhead – Castle Wulfenbach hosts the Grand Tour at Steelhead Boomtown

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Skusting Dagger

You may have some clues, sir, but not all! The full set shall be given to revelers upon arrival to the Autumn Mystery Ball tonight. Hope to see you there!